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Keeping warm. Staying whole.

I was driving from my parents' house to Port Talbot town centre yesterday morning and stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let a guy and his young daughter cross the road, obviously on their way to school. His tracksuit bottoms were tucked into long socks, his hoodie pulled tight around his face. Thirty years ago, maybe even twenty years, I'd have thought: man, you're in desperate need of some style advice. Yesterday my immediate response was, good on you for keeping warm mate, and wondered if I should tuck my leggings (under my jeans) into my socks for added warmth. 
When I was a kid, growing up in a house with no central heating and gas fires in only the living room and front room, I used to get dressed under the blankets on winter mornings, pulling my nightie off and my underwear on, tights, vest and petticoat, jumper and skirt, before hurtling downstairs for breakfast. 
As a teenager and in my early twenties I'd freeze in the line for a nightclub, sleeveless, bare leg…

Fun on a plate

I'm turning into Cher. Not the one who seems to have difficulty smiling but the one who appeared with Bob Hoskins and Winona Ryder in Mermaids in 1990. It's a few years since I've seen it but I remember that Cher's character, a single mother, never cooked. Instead she concocted plates and plates of hors d'oeuvreamuse-bouche, canapés, appetisers, finger food, nibbles. 
Amuse-bouche: I learnt that while living in France. If you were with close friends you could say amuse-gueule (jaw, as opposed to mouth, perhaps an equivalent to our use of gob). 
I've never used hors d'oeuvre. Apart from wanting to say 'horses doovres' in a bad London accent I don't like what the words mean: apart from the (main) work'. It's too clinical.
Canapés, strictly speaking, are little mouthfuls of something on bread, toast, blinis, crackers or pastry. I suppose these qualify as canapés:

Appetisers get confused with first courses. Finger food says 'buffet' an…

Na Hai Wri Mo - Food, glorious food

That's National Haiku Writing Month and a challenge to write one haiku every day during February. They're only little poems and it's only one a day, so no sweat, right? Actually, it always surprises me how much discipline it takes to commit to adopting a new daily habit!  To ignore the voice that says, Oh don't worry, give it a miss today.
But Michael Dylan Welch's rolling project has Food as its theme this month. So how could I resist? Or perhaps it's more that as the hungry writer I feel I have a duty to participate! 
There's a daily prompt to focus and guide me. Today is Pasta. Tomorrow is Eggs. I hope there's roast chicken, chips, and chocolate in there at some point! 
I might get some good haiku out of this. I'll probably write some that don't amount to much. But I'll be writing, consciously. And in a direction I haven't dictated for myself - there are always discoveries to be made when I enter un-mapped writing territory. 
orecchiette t…