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Fish in the orchard

Fish in the orchard

I am not surprised to see him
in the long wet grass between the apple trees
because I know what we are all capable of 
when we act with conviction.

Not that we have to swim against the tide,
do the opposite of what’s expected
to be noticed. The same road or river,
the same worn path offers itself up

to us: bright green leaves of dandelion
in a crack of tarmac, the sound water
makes over rock, our footsteps adding
to the memory of other footsteps

on the hard packed earth. We are always
at the beginning of something.

My Honey Dilemma

When I was a child in the 1960s the honey sold in the local Co-op was Gale’s but I was only interested in the ‘thick’ one that I loved to spread on toast for breakfast. If my mother had bought the ‘runny’ one instead I’d pass on the honey in favour of Bramble Seedless jam. 
These days I use clear, pourable honey in my spiced tea. I add a squirt or two to my homemade vegetable soup to temper the acidity of tomato. I drizzle it on roasted carrots. I whisk it into cream to dollop on apple cake or pie. And I make hot toddies with it, adding lemon juice, nutmeg and a shot of whisky.
But I still prefer a creamy set honey spread on buttered toast. At least I thought I did until I tasted Sarah’s Acacia Honey with Mixed Berries.
‘Taste this,’ I said to my husband, handing him a slice of toasted corn bread.
‘Ooh,’ he said. (In a much more manly way than it looks on the page!) 
Because it seems that after 50 years I’ve found an alternative response to my childhood predicament of choosing bramble jam …