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Writing frenzy, eating...?

What's the opposite of a frenzy? Whatever it is, that's what food has become for me. I am writing and editing like a woman possessed and eating like a woman who's forgotten how to cook. Wraps. Vegetables thrown in the Actifry for 20 minutes. Clementines. Crisps and cheese. That's the bulk of my diet right now. I just need to get 8,000 to 10,000 words of Real Port Talbot done over the next 4 or 5 days and then I'll be able to relax over the Christmas week. And speak to people. And eat. And breathe. In an attempt to make myself appear as if I am still interested in food I've changed the banner picture on my hungry writer Facebook page to last year's Christmas table. Before the scrum. I went for silvery and understated. This year I'm going for jolly red and green and gold.

And here's a pic of the sprouts with bacon and pine nut sauce I'll make.

 And here's a glass of champagne. Yay! Yes, please!

I'll be back here before the festivities begin t…

The F word. No, not that one.

You wouldn’t have seen me within sniffing distance of these 30 years ago and I like to think that it’s a discerning palate and not age that accounts for my conversion. I’m sure there’ll be a whole swathe of people out there who would still step back quickly at the mention of them but if you belong to that group try and rein in your prejudice, and stifle any early memories of four sloppy granular balls in an aluminium container with a cardboard label stamped with the word ‘Brains’, until you have visited Bro’s CafĂ© on Llewellyn’s Quay in Port Talbot, run by Mark and Alison Mizen, and ordered these little beauties.

Oh unfussy deliciousness. But… if anything needs a name makeover in the culinary world it’s the humble faggot. From a bundle of sticks to a cigarette, from a 16th century abusive term for old stick-gathering women to North American hate-speech targeting gay men, it’s carrying a lot of baggage before it even arrives on your plate.  Wiki’s page about the origins and evolution of…