Poem ~ It is so still today

It is so still today

smoke rises from an allotment bonfire
in a pillar of disbelief

the motorway’s drone is a single
dull wall of sound

muted birdsong reaches me
across a frozen field

I am the most disruptive 
element in the landscape

feet slapping the ground
ragged exhalations of breath 

on unexpected inclines
but when I stop and listen 

I realise I am not 
the only interruption ~

a passing train, the cries
of children in the yard

of a school half a mile away
and then in the next moment

the peals of the school bell
calling us all to order

and I am a child
in another schoolyard

in another landscape
bouncing on my heels

turning towards this future
I have yet to imagine. 


I love the universality of your writing. Your first person is every person.