Prose Poem: On not giving up...

An insertional Achilles tear sucks! In the middle of last December I stopped at the top of the lane to stretch my calves but when I started running again it felt like my left trainer was rubbing really painfully against the inside of my heel. It wasn't!

Despite rest, ice, and heel raise exercices, every time I undertook short recovery runs (January and February) I was back to the same amount of pain and discomfort. So I slowed down even more: no running at all in March and a tentative half mile walk/run/walk/run at the beginning of April. That hurt too... but it didn't last. Fingers crossed I am now on the road to recovery (literally!)... although today's road was mostly footpath.

This time last year I was running half-marathons ... but I'm not giving up. Oh no. I'm still hungry for running.

Six months without running...

...and here you are back at the beginning, resenting the forced regression and lamenting the future’s uninvited repetitions. But what other choice is there but to move forward? And listen, the wind in the tall trees. And look, the startled russet flash of two foxes through the orchard. And here… the scent of bluebells along the mud-packed path through the woods. Isn’t everything a new start, every single day? You are not as disadvantaged as you might believe.


Very difficult to be held back by the body's weakness when the spirit is more than willing. It's going to be hard not to be in a hurry, but that is surely the key!
Lynne Rees said…
Absolutely ~ aiming for a whole mile today :) Thanks for the encouragement.