Things have changed

Things have changed for the hungry writer. I'll let Dylan have his say first:

I'm not a worried woman with a worried mind, although I do drink champagne. It's just that my life has changed over the last two years: I started running and I've written much less than I ever have since I first began around 25 years ago. So I can either change the blog title to 'the hungry writer who doesn't write much and runs' or I could just blog about whatever engages me, when and if I feel like it. Or I could stop altogether. 

Because something else has been circling my mind over recent months too: reading. Is it happening on the web? Does the popularity of Twitter and Instagram, and the ease of making snappy status updates on Facebook, mean that most people on social media really don't want to read more than a sentence or two? Are blogposts going the way that critics said 'real' books would go? (Except they haven't: they're on the rebound.)

Maybe no decision has to be made. Maybe a blog should be a spontaneous response to the urge to share something, a story, an insight. That's how 'the hungry writer' started back in 2010. With a genuine urge to explore memory and daily life through the theme of food. 

Maybe I'll just see what urges, if any, arise over the coming months. And I think I might re-watch the movie that featured the song above, the brilliant Wonder Boys with Michael Douglas, which happens to be about a writer who isn't writing. Not that the movie was even on my mind when I started this post ... but it seems to be the right thing to mention now. And then stop. 

(Here's a trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it.)