The taste of place

I've landed in Miami and I want a filet mignon. Not any filet mignon but a Victoria's filet mignon from Outback: 'Pittsburgh' (heavily seared) medium rare, heavy on the classic seasoning (a kicking blend of peppers and salt). It doesn't matter that it's 2am UK time. Or that after eating it I'm going to crash out with over half a pound of undigested protein in my stomach! Outback's filet is part of what makes me feel I've arrived in South Florida. No steak anywhere else in the world tastes like this one. This is where my holiday begins. Add a large glass of J Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon to that order, would you? 

Hungry Writing Prompt
Write about a particular food that anchors you to a place.

If I had to choose a food that anchored me to my home in Kent it would be roast chicken: a 'Sunday dinner' roast chicken with home-made gravy and sausage-meat stuffing. And the culinary comfort attached to my hometown, Port Talbot, In South Wales? That's easy: Mam's vegetable soup. 

And now I have a dessert that will always be my New Year's Eve dessert. 

Perhaps it's stuck because it was spontaneous, unplanned. Perhaps because Tony and I were at home alone, curled up watching a movie in front of a log fire, with no expectations, anticipation. 

Perhaps because ice and heat were the perfect ingredients to watch one year melt away and another ignite.

Try it and let me know what you think. All you need is a carton of frozen summer berries, a tub of Elmlea Double 'Cream' and a bar of white cooking chocolate.

Share the berries between dishes, melt the chocolate, gently, in a saucepan with the Elmlea until it's comfortably warm then pour it over the frozen berries. Winter meets Summer. Good enough to melt the heart of the Snow Queen.


Wow - I want that dessert!
Lynne Rees said…
I know! It is soooo good. I should have mentioned that it will serve 4... though we managed to squeeze it between 2!