Livorno, ti amo

Livorno, I love you. I love your piazzas and statues, your brickwork and pavements, your streets and canals. I love the sound of water lapping against old stone and the musical rise and fall of your language. I love your one legged pigeons. I love your graffiti and your church’s trompe l’oeil murals that convince me I could walk through paint and plaster into light and shadow. And I love your mercato centrale, your fishmongers and butchers, stalls that sell candies and knitting wool, herbed mozzarella and ripe black figs. Livorno, I love your ordinariness, your honesty. The faces of your people. Your grazies and your pregos. And Livorno, perhaps you love me too.

I'm unsure if I have the spelling right but 'la bella signora' at Caffetteria da Lori in the central market
told me this coffee was called 'la marocaine' (pronounced 'marokenna'.)
And here are the rest of my Livorno photos, the city that captured my heart.

Love Lori's coffee bar

Love the old quarter

Love the central market

Love the trompe l'oeil  painting at Santa Caterina

Love the one legged pigeon

Love the street graffiti: the Madonna, Palestine and Claudia.

Hungry Writing Prompt
Write, and keep writing, about what and who you love.