OMG - chips. Let me rephrase that. CHIPS!!

I interviewed BBC Radio Wales’ iconic gay radio presenter, Chris Needs, a week ago (for Real Port Talbot) and he has converted me. I can now stand up and say, proudly: my name is Lynne Rees and I am an Actifryer. 

Chris has a clutch of homes in different parts of the world and is so attached to the Tefal Actifry he has one in each of them. I quizzed him about the chips. C’mon, are they really that good? Are they as good as deep-fried home-cooked chips? Can you make enough chips in one of those things? Yes. Yes. And yes. 

There was only way to find out.

The secret to getting them crispy is to make sure all the starch is rinsed from the raw chips and they’re completely dry when you put them in.

I made 500gr of chips (about 2 decent sized, but not enormous, jacket-type potatoes) and used 7.5 ml of olive oil. Definitely enough for two people. Or one greedy one.

You can make up to a kilo adding a maximum of 14 ml of any oil you like. Even as I pressed the ON button, and heard the appliance blow into action and slowly start paddling the chips, I was imagining garlic and herb oils, or chilli infused oil, sweet potatoes, chopped potatoes, skinny fries.

It had a lot to live up to. And it delivered.

And listen to this. A 250 gr portion of these chips is about 230 calories. Your classic, deep-fried, home-made chips slap you, or your hips, with about 475. But my uncontainable delight wasn’t about the calorie intake. It was about the texture and the taste. Crisp, fluffy. Like the best, well-drained, deep-fried chip you’ve ever tasted.

If you get fed-up of the chips (as if!) you can make potatoes:

Or if you get fed up with potatoes entirely you can try this:

Stir-fry? Definitely going to try that. It’d be like having your own slave standing at the stove stirring your vegetables for you, but without the struggle with your conscience and the worries about the minimum hourly wage and compulsory health benefits. 

Can there possibly be any writing prompts to be extracted from today’s post? You bet. But have a chip before you start.

Hungry writing prompts
  • Write about being converted.
  • Write a list of things you would say a loud ‘yes’ to.
  • Write about rawness.
  • Write about something, or someone, who delivers what they promised.
  • Write about what pricks your conscience


Caroline said…
I think Tefal should give you a little something for this post! :p
Lynne Rees said…
There's an idea... I think I might ask them!
Zina said…
Now youve got a household in the East End of London wanting to buy this gadget! I'm a big fan of chunky oven baked chips, cooked in a little Olive oil after being boiled for only 5 minutes tho first. The tray has to be mega hot before you put them in the oven, they sizzle on meeting and bingo, in they go! So, I wonder if they will live up to them....maybe I will have to do a big taste off test soon!
Lynne Rees said…
If you'd told me about making them that way a couple of weeks ago I could be £136 better off! They sound great!
Lynne Rees said…
And yes, we'll do a taste off, and measure the amount of oil you use too : )