Blogsplash: my most beautiful thing

Thank you Fiona and Kaspa from Writing Our Way Home for another inspirational online project: a blogsplash on my most beautiful thing.

It is never constant. The day can reveal it, then retrieve it. I might not own it: a sunset, words spoken by a child, a smile. Beauty can fade, become functional, decay. Sometimes, it reminds me it is there. Or makes me rethink what beauty really is.

a timeless teazle
The common teazle: dipsacus sylvestris. A thorny plant found on waste ground. Old English: tǣsel; related to Old High German: zeisala, teasel, Norwegian: tīsl, undergrowth, tīsla, to tear to bits.

A piece of my hometown preserved in resin; all thorns and raggedness capturing the light on a wooden windowsill.  Today, it is my most beautiful thing.

Thank you Hafod Grange Paperweights, Goytre, Port Talbot, for making beautiful things.

Fiona's new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing, is available free on Kindle on 24th and 25th April.


gail said…
Hi Lynne
I have this also another 5 beautiful ones
sorry I cannot be with you Thursday Teaching would have loved to be there Good luck
Gail xx
Anonymous said…
what a lovely item..and so unusual
Yanting Gueh said…
I haven't seen or heard of a teazle. Thanks for sharing a piece of your hometown!
Unknown said…
oh, beautiful... I WANT :)
gorgeous writing too...
That's very lovely!
Lynne Rees said…
Hi Gail - not to worry, I'm sure I'll catch up with in the next couple of weeks. x

It is so lovely, isn't it? They make one with a full dandelion clock (bought that for my husband) and one with goat's beard which looks like a sparse dandelion clock but golden. They also do flowers but there's something about the 'weeds', the making precious of something overlooked or dismissed that feels special. Thank you for commenting - Message in a Bottle, Claudine G, Fiona and Deborah. x