A baguette with Hannibal (that's Lecter not H of the elephants)

Probably the best baguette in the world.

And that comes from someone who lived in France for 4 years. And yes, I had some of the best bread ever during that time but I would have never been offered a hot demi-baguette packed with shredded roast pork and sage and onion stuffing. I know, even the thought of it makes you go weak at the knees doesn’t it? Sunday lunch in a sandwich.

Repeating the baguette experience is a short hop for me right now as I’m home in Port Talbot, Wales. 'Baguettes To Go' is in Taibach, home of Anthony Hopkins. This baguette would convert Hannibal Lecter.

The best baguette in the world (probably) needs to be accompanied by the best coffee in the world. And Tambini’s near the Tollgate Park in Margam presses the probably button too, even in a polystyrene cup. Milky, sweet, hot and no foam.

The take-away approach is essential in the heat-wave that’s cosseting the whole country this week. It’s weather that makes us want to hold up our pasty winter skin to the sun and say ‘(h)eat me’. We are glad to be alive. A condition that’s brought into stark relief in the graveyard at Margam Abbey.

What is it about old graveyards that attracts us? I think it’s the stories here, the ones you read behind the lines of the inscriptions. How do people survive the death of three young children in the space of 5 years? Who are the people whose names have worn away from the 16th and 17th century stones that have been laid to make paths between the graves? There’s the remnant of a date here, an initial there. The rest we have to fill in for ourselves.

I eat my baguette outside the abbey wall in front of the war memorial. More stories. And evidence of qualities I am not sure I possess. But I can write about them. Maybe that helps in some way to keep them alive.

Hungry Writing Prompts
  1. Write about what's good for you right now.
  2. Write about heat.
  3. Write about takeway food.
  4. Write about a grave.
  5. Write about the qualities you don't possess.


Anonymous said…
May of this year marks the opening of the around Wales Footpath,people using it only have to make a short detour to take them to Margam Abbey.And their coffee and baguette are on the path itself.
Brenda Turner said…
Lynne, if you search closely there is a gravestone used as part of the path, it has a hand carved heart and the name Grace aged 4yrs on it, the date is the early 1600's. There are some gems in Margam graveyard and some wonderful gothic headstones, I have spent many a day wandering around and wondering about the people buried there.
Lynne Rees said…
Thanks for posting Anonymous - I think there whould be cafe flags all along the new coastal path. That's one thing Port Talbot is not short of : )

Hi Brenda - isn't it great? I'll have to look for that one... I know someone who might know where it is. And I have a couple of great stories to put in the book too. I also spend a bit of time talking about the graveyard at Baglan... and I haven't started on St. Mary's yet! Or Holy Cross at Taibach, or Goytre!